Yard Storage and Warehousing

We Offer A Variety Of Supply Chain Solutions Including Warehousing And Cross Docking.

During the full lifecycle of a product, it is likely to spend some time in a warehouse. After production, before it begins its journey to the consumer, or at a staging location for restocking and order fulfillment, warehouses play a pivotal role in supply chain management. Each day, consumer goods companies all over the world perform warehousing and storage.

Yard Storage/Warehousing Services


Yard Storage and Warehousing Features

Helios Solutions provides you with all the warehousing and logistics services you need. If you have items you want to consolidate into one package, we can do it for you. Simply let us know the requirements and specifications. With Helios Solutions, you can trust that we’ll deliver all the warehouse logistics services you need at the highest industry standards.


Helios Solutions is a full-service team, which means we not only can store your cargo, we are also available for any type of transportation your items need to and from our storage location. We will coordinate and ensure your items get from you to our yard safely. Once you are ready to have it brought to you or another destination we can help with loading, unloading your cargo, or transporting it.

Reduced Employee Costs

With Helios Solutions, you don’t have to worry about paying for more labor in your warehouses. We monitor your inventory, secure the premise, and consolidate our overall costs between all our freight in the warehouse/yard.

Steel pipes stored
Squamish Yard loading steel beams

Strategic Locations

With a few different locations, we are able to make transportation quick and convenient to what your needs are. This allows for cost-effective storage and warehousing services.

Easy Storage for all your goods.

Whether it’s short term or long term, no matter how big or small, skidded freight or heavy machinery, we have the facilities to store and handle your freight properly and responsibly. Warehousing allows for more options in flexibility, cost and freight types.

Truck With Pipes

Why Choose Helios Solutions?

Our warehouse staff is highly experienced with machinery, rigging and warehouse/storage operations. With our one stop logistics company we are fully quick and efficient while maintaining accuracy, getting your cargo back on the road and on the way to its destination as quickly as possible. No matter the expediency or complexity of the cross-docking process, we strive for the best quality and efficiency throughout the process of dealing with your products.

Our logistics services not only simplify your operations, but it can also lower your risk. It can also reduce your inventory carrying time from months into just hours, saving time and money.