Helios Solutions starts by gaining an understanding of your company’s current operation. We then create a customized solution for your specific needs, including inbound and outbound freight management, freight consolidation, distribution, and warehousing. Using the latest technologies, and our vast partner carrier network, we seamlessly respond to your market demands and disruptions.

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Helios Solutions cross-dock freight shipping service offers companies with advanced logistics and transport solutions to increase their revenue while reducing their supply chain costs by consolidating services, lowering or sometimes removing warehouse time and reducing labor needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in British Columbia and do imports from everywhere around the world. 

Our team has a large range of experience, some of our staff have been in the industry for 30+ years. Our staff have a large network of contacts making it easier to handle all forms of logistics.

Everyone that handles your packages are insured for there specific job, rest assured that all of our employees are professionals and we focus highly on providing a value driven service.

Each shipment is processed based on each specific client. Our goal is to learn and understand what you need and make that happen. We are dedicated to get your shipments from point A to point B with the method you choose. We will give you guidance and options to help you decide.

Delays can happen and we always do our best to minimize them and makeup time wherever we can.

The time it takes to give an estimate is different based on the complexity of the case. Before we can give an estimate we need to check in with our team and make a rough transport plan and see who and what is available. This process can be less than 24 hours to a couple days in some scenarios, but know we do our best to get you quotes in a fast and timely matter.

Equipment We Offer

Dry Van

A dry van is a type of semi-trailer that's fully enclosed to protect shipments from outside elements.


transportation of oversized cargo. This includes any cargo that doesn't fit within an enclosed trailer.

Specialized freight

includes any large shipment size, weight, or dimensions and demands special handling services during transit.

Curtain Side

A curtainside truck or trailer has canvas curtains on rails down the side that can be drawn back to allow easy loading and unloading by a forklift from either side.

Roll-tight/Conestoga Carrier

The roll-tite trailer or conestoga trailer, is a flatbed trailer with a retractable rack and curtain system set up. The entire rack can be pulled back and forth in order to load freight with a forklift and then provide protection to the freight once it is secured and ready to ship.

Heavy haul

Heavy-haul jobs include anything beyond conventional dimensions, including oversized freight, wide loads, and heavy equipment.

Full-Truckload (FTL) – Helios Solutions has access to full truckload capacity within our highly qualified nationwide network of carriers. We offer:

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) – Helios Solutions has access to LTL which allows you to ship your freight and pay for just the space you use.

ready to transport with us?

Professionals in multiple fields don’t hesitate to call us, we are great at finding solutions to transportation of your freight.

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